All Funer Companion Strategies.

When a celebration is needed, we are ready to create a personalized experience for family and guests in every stage of the process.

  1. Customer Journey design and contact opportunities.
  2. Findability & Search engine optimization.
  3. Experience and service plan.
  4. Memorial services: digital & traditional.
  5. Wifi marketing & beacons.
  6. Geo targeted campaigns.
  7. Subscription services & grieve management.
  8. On site service promotion & automated sales.

We help you to develop the right strategies to transform the concept of your business.

Let’s work together and increase your profits and sales.

Each step of buyer’s journey create opportunities. We build services with outstanding messages creating value for your company and profit for your brand.



From Quito – Ecuador, the center of the world, we’re able to bring you the results you need to reach, adquiere, develop and retain customers in the funeral business.