Integrated Marketing
for funeral homes
In All Funer we create marketing and communication strategies for every stage of the funeral business, focusing on customer experience and satisfaction.


We are specialists in funeral business that provide the best strategies for every client, in orden to transform every tough moment into a good memory by humanizing every step in our industry.

Marketing for Funeral Homes

Funeral industry needs knowledge, our experts are here to help you.
All Funer designs marketing and communication strategies for the funeral business, focusing on each step of the customer contact and experience.
Let’s work together and increase your profits and sales!!
Each step of the buyer’s journey create opportunities. We build services with outstanding messages creating value for your company and profit for your brand.


Every customer requires a unique personalized service that creates value and reinforces their experience. We work together in the process of developing the tools and strategies you need in a long term sustainable marketing plan. Our reward is your success.

Mapa Estadísticas Cremación Mundial 2018

La cremación continúa ganando popularidad a nivel mundial debido a su bajo costo y mayor facilidad para acceder a servicios funerarios que incluyen actualmente alternativas ecológicas. A continuación el mapa publicado por The Cremation Society of Great Britain con...

  • Sales & opportunities management.
  • Performance evaluation for advertising.
  • Real time customer interaction and information.
  • Lead qualification and automated follow up.
  • Real time reporting.
  • Customer satisfaction measurement.
  • Market intelligence.
  • Access to consumer data base.
  • Data base management communication.
  • Interactive obituary: messages, social shares, memorials.
  • Interactive ads, invitation cards.
  • Family tree
  • E-commerce of thematic or tradicional celebrations.
  • AR lector.
  • Integrated service costumer apps.
  • Integrated On line stores.
  • Ingrated OB2 services.
  • Beacon Funer capable.
  • Free Wifi on site.
  • Access to memorials and legacy.
  • Welcome email.
  • Personalized offers based on georeference.
  • Access to aditional information and memories in virtual gravestones or spaces.
  • Easy location of gravestones.
  • Aditional services for better costumer experience.
  • Data base.
  • Assistants profiles.
  • Remarketing.
  • Data analysis.
  • Strategies of life time value costumer improvements.

Digital Marketing Training

2-Day and 4-Day Boot Camps

Discover all of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing in a hands-on, intimate digital marketing workshops. Get results and grow your skills with a set of comprehensive programs that teach expert strategies used by global brands.


We’ll show you exactly how to use digital marketing tools to drive business results and keep you on the leading edge of business change.


All Funer Marketing Planning

The first step is about how are we going to build a successful…

All Funer Prevision Strategies

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Let’s work together and increase your profits and sales.

Each step of buyer’s journey create opportunities. We build services with outstanding messages creating value for your company and profit for your brand.


From Quito – Ecuador, the center of the world, we’re able to bring you the results you need to reach, adquiere, develop and retain customers in the funeral business.