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Our workshops include materials, consultants support, real life simulations and consultive techniques that create more value for your team and brand.


Digital Business Management

Learn how to adapt and create a successful business strategy integrating on line and off line opportunities. This program involves business purpose (Why) definition and aligns your corporate vision and objectives to a new business model based on customer profitability and lifetime value. 2 – 4 day workshop

Innovation & Digital Transformation

You’ll lear to hunt trends and create innovation based on market opportunitiestranforming your corporate culture, value chain and customer value proposition assigning budget to research, test, prototyping and launch of new successful projects in a step by step maturity transformation roadmap. 2 day workshop

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Make the most out of facebook, Instagram, and Messenger trough successful advertising campaigns based on personalization, audience management and remarketing tools to improve your ROI in social media. 4 day workshop.

Business Analytics

If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. In this 2 day workshop you’ll lear to define SMART objectives with strategic Key Performance Indicators inside a measurement strategy based on Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, CRM and Sales & Marketing results to integrate metrics in smart dashboards to help you report and make smarter decisions. 2 day workshop

Marketing Planning

Customer focused planning with inbound marketing guidelines to define reach, act, convert, engage and recommendation strategies using integrated channels to define budget and project business outcomes. 2 – 4 day workshop

Google & Youtube Advertising

You’ll learn how to plan, execute and optimize digital advertising campaigns in Google Search, Display, Youtube, Mobile and manage budgets and conversions based on performance marketing. 4 day workshop.

Linkedin Marketing & Sales

Lear how to master business and professional brands in Linkedin trough sales navigator, Linkedin ads and B2B tools to influence your audiences. 2 day workshop

Remarketing & Automation

You’ll create intelligent “always on” campaigns trough email, social media and display based on past user behavior and actions making use of sequential content and communication that will help you achieve more sales, prospects and results.. 2 day workshop

Customer Lifetime Value

Planning profitable relations with your most valuable customers should be one of your main goals. In this program you’ll learn how to plan customer acquisition, retention, management and reducing churn in a customer centric business model based on innovation, offer diversification and profits.

Design Thinking

Make your organization agile trough design thinking methodology that allows your teams to create viable solutions based on empathy and prospective.

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